Cable Ski in Andalucia

Less than 15 minutes drive from the apartment

The easy and spectacular way to learn to Water ski.

Urb. Las Medranas, San Pedro, Marbella.
Tel. 952 785 579.
Open from 11am to 9pm closed Mondays.

This attraction is either for those wanting to learn or improve their water skiing, or just for those who want a fun day out.

The cable system pulls skiers around the lake. Each trip around the lake lasts about one minute but the cable can be set at a speed to suit your ability. Slow for children and beginners and faster for the expert skier.

You can kneeboard, wakeboard, or waterski.

There is a cafe bar, restaurant, sun loungers, swimming pool and ski shop. A great place to have a day out.

Prices: 4 circuits cost 8 Euro, 10 circuits cost 16 Euro, 20 circuits cost 25 euro, 50 circuits cost 50 euro, 100 circuits cost 85 euro. The 50 and 100 circuit tickets can be shared with 3 others and you can come back another day to use up the ticket. All equipment included in the price except for Wakeboards which cost 6 euro an hour.